EcoPure Home clients may not solicit our employees or former employees to be contracted or employed by you or your affiliates for services of any kind. If you would like to hire/contract one of our workers to work independently for you or your affiliates, you may submit your request by informing our office in writing. If EcoPure Home approves your request, you will be required to pay a $4,000 referral fee before our employee is released to work independently for you.

Please be advised that should there be a breech of this agreement this will result in litigation being initiated to recover damages suffered by EcoPure Home and the client will be responsible for all legal costs and expenses, including EcoPure Home attorney fees.

I have read the foregoing and acknowledge and agree that I will not solicit EcoPure Home employees or former employees to work for myself or any of my affiliates apart from working for EcoPure Home.

Appointment Times

Because our daily schedule and commitments vary, we can not guarantee the specific time of your appointment on your scheduled cleaning day. Your home will be serviced on a scheduled cleaning day from the hours of 8:30am – 5:30pm.  The Client understands and agrees that although EcoPure may send a notification of a scheduled ETA a day prior, unforseen circumstances may affect said ETA and EcoPure may arrive to Client’s appointment at a time different than previously stated, sometimes significantyly. EcoPure will make best effort to communicate such changes as they arise.

Furthermore, staffing your service is up to EcoPure’s discretion and is contingent on employee availability.


By choosing one of our periodic plans at booking, Client automatically confirms all future appointments that correspond to such cycle, starting with the initial appointment. Plan cycles are as follows:

Plans can be changed or cancelled at any time. Any individual appointment rescheduling or cancellation must adhere to cancellation/rescheduling policy below.


We understand that there are times when you might need to cancel, reschedule or change your cleaning appointment. We ask that you give us 24 business hours advance notice to cancel, reschedule or change your appointment.

*Due to the high demand for our services, if you cancel, reschedule or change your appointment the same day as your scheduled service, you will be responsible for the full amount of the cleaning.

**If you cancel, reschedule or change your appointment after 6pm the day prior of your scheduled appointment, you will incur a $45 late fee.

***If a EcoPure Home cleaning consultant arrives at a scheduled cleaning appointment and is unable to gain access to the home the client will be responsible for paying the full amount of the cleaning.


EcoPure Home only accepts payment via credit card. We gladly accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The client has authorized EcoPure Home to bill all services performed one day prior to the cleaning appointment on the credit card that has been provided by the client.

The client understands that all credit card payments are processed one day prior to their scheduled cleaning appointment. Should EcoPure Home not be able to process a client’s credit card payment one day prior to the day of the cleaning, the client’s account will be subject to a $15.00 late payment fee.

Actual rates for individual clients may vary from the advertised base rates.


While we’re happy to help our clients with laundry, we’re only capable to spend time on laundry commensurate with the time spent on your apartment cleaning. A maximum of one(1) load will be washed, dried, and folded for clothes or one(1) load of bedsheets and linens will be washed and dressed on bed during any regular cleaning.

Please be aware that due to the delicate nature of this service, EcoPure Home does not assume responsibility for any laundry damages. As a precaution, we advise that you presort your laundry and that you do not include delicate or dry clean only items in your laundry bags. By providing only sheets and towels for this service this drastically reduces the possibility for laundry damages.

Additionally, the client understands that laundry services will add an additional charge. We require that you provide all laundry detergent. Please leave presorted laundry and all laundry supplies in a clearly visible area.


  • 28-day cycle. Includes one full cleaning session per cycle and three short sessions limited to 1 hour each.
  • Fees are charged monthly at the beginning of 28-day cycle
  • Sessions can be re-scheduled within any given cycle, but can not be rolled over.
  • Strict 24-hour rescheduling policy applies. No exceptions. Session will be lost if notice is provided after 5pm the day before scheduled session.
  • No refund or credit for lost or cancelled sessions.
  • Add-on services are applicable to full length sessions only.

Touch-up (short) sessions are limited to one hour and generally include the following tasks:

  • Wash dishes & empty dish washer (time permitting)
  • Make beds
  • Take out garbage
  • Rainbow and mop all floors
  • Basic dusting (time permitting)
  • Basic wipe down of kitchen and bathroom cabinets (time permitting)

* If any of the above are not completed or not completed to your satisfaction, further tailoring of your Value Plan to increase session time may be considered.

Short sessions Do NOT include the following:


Because short sessions are touch-up sessions, they are not meant to produce same results as full monthly cleanings; hence, our team is not responsible for any imperfections or omissions following short sessions.  Should you wish to expand the range of services during your short sessions by increasing its longevity, please contact us via email.


Unless indicated otherwise, we will clean every area in your home according to the following list, to the best of our ability. Exceptions and special instructions are indicated below the service list.

Living Spaces, Bedrooms & General Areas




As it is our goal to always provide our clients with outstanding service, due to the safety of our cleaning consultants and the utmost concern of your delicate items, we cannot provide the following services:


Unless otherwise requested, the following areas  will not  be serviced in general cleanings: Inside of the refrigerator, inside of the stove, outside of windows, and laundry services. Per your request, we will gladly provide the above services. Please be aware that the above services result in additional charges.


EcoPure Home cleaning consultants arrive equipped with all cleaning products and tools manufactured by eco-friendly, socially responsible companies. We require that you supply laundry detergent, if we perform laundry service, and/or if you would like to use any product that you prefer, we would be happy to do so, as per your instruction.



Our standard office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. We welcome your calls.


In the event an EcoPure Home employee cannot clean your home due to extreme weather conditions, although we are unable to issue a refund we will gladly reschedule your appointment to the next available cleaning day. In most cases your appointment will be rescheduled within 1-2 days after the original appointment date.


Employee safety is important to us. We require our employees to wear shoes at all times, refrain from climbing ladders higher than 30″, or lift objects weighting more than 20 pounds. We do not clean bodily fluids, pet accidents or any other substances that may pose a health or safety hazard to our employees. EcoPure Home reserves the right to remove an employee from a job site at any time if safety is of concern or if integrity is in question.


Due to the health risks associated with the inhalation of soot, EcoPure Home does not clean soot from fireplaces. We will gladly clean around the fireplace. Should you require fireplace cleaning, EcoPure Home can suggest a reputable company to assist you.


We understand that window cleaning can be a very important part of having a thorough cleaning. Window cleaning is not a typical daily cleaning task and is considered an add-on service. Windows can often become jammed and very hard to open. Hard to open windows can be very dangerous for our cleaning consultants. To assist in our employee’s safety we ask that you examine your windows prior to a window cleaning to ensure that your windows can be easily opened. As old and jammed windows can easily come off track or be damaged when performing inside and out window cleanings, EcoPure Home does not take responsibility for windows damaged during window cleaning services.


We proudly stand behind our work. Should you have any comments regarding your cleaning, please call us within 24 hours after the end of your cleaning appointment. If there are areas that you feel we have overlooked, we ask that you do not clean those areas yourself, as we will have someone report to your home within 24 hours to re-clean the areas of concern. While we are unable to issue refunds, if necessary, we are happy to re-clean any areas of concern.


To the fullest extent permitted by Law, the EcoPure Client signing this agreement or any other individual directly or indirectly connected to EcoPure Client signing this agreement and EcoPure Lifestyle Services, Inc. agree that this agreement specifically excludes and holds harmless the property manager, owner, investor, their officials, officers, employees, and volunteers or any other party in any way directly or indirectly connected to the property and/or building where cleaning service is provided hereunder, against all injuries, deaths, damage to property, loss, damages, claims, suits, liens, lien rights, liabilities, judgments, costs and expenses, which may in any way arise directly or indirectly from 1) the cleaning services and/or any other work provided hereunder; 2) any acts and/or emissions of or on behalf of EcoPure, its employees of any tier, suppliers, and/or agents; and/or 3) any breach or default under this agreement by EcoPure. EcoPure Client signing this agreement or any other individual directly or indirectly connected to EcoPure Client signing this agreement further agrees that he/she shall not attempt to hold property manager, owner, investor, their officials, officers, employees, and volunteers or any other party in any way directly or indirectly connected to the property and/or building where cleaning service is provided hereunder liable for any and all claims arising from this agreement.