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As a Resident living in one of the properties serviced by EcoPure, you have the opportunity to enjoy the luxurious pampering of your home most of us are only accustomed to on lavish vacation getaways. You also have the peace of mind that your home is serviced by the most seasoned and honorable professionals who are using the safest cleaning method in the world.

Property Managers

As a Property Management organization, your collaboration with EcoPure Lifestyle Services, yields you the unique privilege to direct your complete attention to your chore business, while being fully confident that our service is designed to make your Residents want to stay longer and recommend your property to their friends. You also demonstrate the highest degree of commitment to excellence, convenience, and care for your Residents.

Green Concept

Nurturing an environment where splendor meets nature we are passionate of what we do and how we do it. Take advantage of our cutting-edge cleaning system that uses a water-based filtration mechanism to remove dirt and airborne impurities from your environment.

Jamie Tucker


"I have now had three home cleanings, with another scheduled soon, performed by Boris and his awesome crew at EcoPure and am quite impressed. The attention to detail when working within my unit, and communication before, during, and after each service is unmatched by any other service I have used in the past. The array of options was great - and the pricing was quite reasonable for other companies on the market in this area. I was paying much more while residing in Hoboken and frankly, the quality was nothing close to what EcoPure provides."

Carmen Sullivan


"Dear Property Manager,

I wanted to get in touch to let you know that my husband and I have secured the services of EcoPure for our home cleaning, and would liked to let you know that the service they are providing is really of high quality. Thank you fro bringing them aboard! Their Eco cleaning is not only thorough, but also safe. Their staff are kind and super friendly as well. Most importantly, we feel completely comfortable with them because they are part of our building lifestyle.

I would highly recommend EcoPure Home to other Estuary tenants. Do let me know if there are any tenants that would like to discuss the services they provide in more detail, as I would be happy to speak with them.

Many thanks, and best regards,

Carmen "

Don Williams


"Partnering with EcoPure was a great business decision. Their service has definitely been a hit in our building and a great selling point for us to leverage when showing our property."